The Ghostwind Grenadiers

Numbers of Members: Unknown

Headquarters: Hidden Beneath the Temple District by powerful magic and cunning traps, the most deadly of the guildhalls to enter without invitation.

Leader: Leif

Second in Command: Lothlorien Raven

The most powerful and organized of all the guilds in the city, they remain out of sight and out of mind to the city and its leaders. All of the members of the guild have connections to either the Temple Raiders of Olidammara or to an ancient Orc Ninja clan known only as “the Coil”. Lothlorien Raven has strong connections to both as these are the people who have trained him and the original eight members.
Leif recruited the remainder of the members of the Grenediers personally and each one is a highly effective member of the guild. There is little known about their organized activities, but it has been said that they only work in groups on larger missions, otherwise they work solo or in pairs.
The only Identifying mark they have is a very small tattoo between the thumb and index finger that is a simple G.G.

The Ghostwind Grenadiers

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