Great Orc War

         In the month of June during the year 201 the first arrows are fired in the Great Orc Wars. Gorlag Torchfist and his massive war-band start attack outlying settlements of Darkhold, they manage to control the land routes to and from the city, the siege has started. In a panic, the Mayor of Darkhold sends word to their ally, Cinerous about their situation. Cinerous, with their strong military, sends an army to help with the Orcs. Elite units ambush parts of the orc army building siege machines for the war, in response to this Gorlag divides his army, which easily outnumbers both Cinerous and Darkhold’s militaries, and leads the bigger force in attacking the outlying land around Cinerous. Cinerous, while better trained and equipped then the orcs face grim odds; being outnumbered at least 12 to 1. The Orcs left by Darkhold form a loose encirclement of the city and prepare siege machines.

         Darkhold sees this as their chance; they attempt to send elite units through the Orc lines to help break the siege of Cinerous. As they approach the Valley of the Mountain that connects the two cities, a tremendous earthquake hits. Fueled by the Strength of Gruumsh and of Hextor, Gorlag took all precautions, the land buckles and shifts. Mountains crumble and new spikes rise up from the ground; when all is settled, the valley is destroyed, covered by impassible terrain. Now the only known way to get to Cinerous is either around the Sunless forest and Glenmora mountain range, or up through a small pass in the mountains, not really suitable for an army on the move. This pass makes the trip so dangerous and perilous that even the most stubborn donkeys and the bravest mules dare attempt it. Unsure how to advance the units from Darkhold have to return to the city and leave Cinerous to its own devices.

         The battle of Cinerous lasts for 6 weeks, often with the soldiers of Cinerous giving as good as they were gotten and pits the very best of Cinerous against the overwhelming odds of the Orcs. Eventually the numbers game catches up for the humans as they start losing ground. During this time Gorlag and his elite bodyguard unit squared off against the Leader of Cinerous, Agmyr Bonehammer, and his elite unit of Cinerousians in a battle that is more intense, bloodier then any fought between man and orc before. When all the dust settles, Gorlag is the sole survivor of this battle, the humans are routed and most flee into the wilderness, or wherever they can hide. The orcs go on a pillaging spree as they make Cinerous their new home. To bolster their ranks, they had suffered grave casualties during the assault; more orcs start flocking to Cinerous as news of Gorlag’s victory resonates throughout the known world. But before they can head back through the small dangerous pass to get to Darkhold, winter strikes and they are stuck in Cinerous due to conditions.

         Outside Darkhold, there had been many skirmishes between forces inside the city and the orcs outside. The orcs are getting restless and anxious wanting to move forward and attack, all the time being restrained by Gorlag’s second in command, Logmash, an Orc Barbarian of tremendous skill and strength. Out of frustration of waiting, the Orc army attacks, well part of the army, attacks the city. By instinct, more and more orcs join in on the attack until even Logmash joins in the attacks. These attacks show great promise; if they had been planned and better executed they might have been completely successful. The orcs make it over the walls and into the city itself and cause tremendous damage and carnage. During the fierce city fighting the Captain of the Guard at the time, the tactical commander for the human side of the war was slain by Logmash before the orcs were forced out of the city.

         Fate has always played a part in Orc history, and these battles were no different although this time fate wasn’t quite on their side. An adventuring company was making its way home to Darkhold. This company, named The Lunar Army, slips its way past the Orc blockade and into the city. The Mayor tells them that there should be a dwarvish army assembling and en route, but they won’t make it in time if the Gorlag’s army makes it‘s way here from Cinerous. Loyalty to their hometown compels the Lunar Army to stay and help, they figure out where the only place that Gorlag can move the troops back to Darkhold. A small defendable pass high in the mountains, they set out for the pass immediately.

         Using many tricks up their sleeves, along with a little magic, they make Gorlag think that there is a large army waiting for him on the other side of the mountains, this causes primarily just skirmish attacks between the two forces. Gorlag sensing his forces getting impatient decides to launch a full assault on the pass, seeing the orcs move towards them with such determination, the Lunar Army braces for the confrontation.

         The pass holds for 2 weeks, but at the cost of over half of the Lunar Army. They are down to just 4 members remaining, Zorl the warrior, Kandor the warrior, Streyla the cleric and a scribe by the name of Malaxator. Gorlag leads this charge into the pass this time, to better make sure that his forces fight as well as he could. At this point in time the only accounts of this turning point come from Malaxator and a couple orcs who were captured later on in the battle. The remaining accounts tell of Gorlag dealing a mortal blow to Streyla the cleric as darkness covers the mountaintop. When the darkness is lifted, the lifeless body of Kandor is being thrown aside by Gorlag. At this point, a bright light centers on Malaxator and shoots out towards Gorlag, dealing terrible damage and sending him crashing to the jagged rocks below. Malaxator seeing the situation hopeless, as more orcs push into the pass, grabs the unconscious form of Zorl and teleports back to Darkhold.

         The Orc army arrives outside Darkhold, but arrive leaderless and in fewer numbers then expected. Logmash decides to attack anyway, since with the extra numbers he should be able to push all the way into the city and take it. As the orcs begin their attack, a dwarven army from Deep Shanatar appears out of the woods to the west and proceeds to engage the orcs. Using this as an opportunity, the Militia sends their remaining elite cavalry crashing into the bulk of the orcs. This cavalry lead by the Captain of the Guard personally, Tanaka, causes utter devastation as the orcs become trapped between the dwarven army and the Darkhold cavalry. During this climatic battle Tanaka ends up slaying Logmash and his orcish bodyguards and routs the remaining orcs. At this loss of yet another orc leader and their numbers diminishing, the orcs break and flee into the woods, back underground, or wherever they can escape to.

Great Orc War

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