Goblin History

Goblin History

The Goblins have never been that Organized of a force, frequently fighting the kobolds, themselves and anyone else that got around them. They formed together when Karguk arrived, he quickly established himself as their leader after a few people questioned his fighting ability. He led the goblins well, pushed them to fight as well as orcs, an almost impossible goal. He did train many goblins to become shock troops; he appreciated their cunning and their deviousness.

At this point, Karguk entered into an agreement on behalf of the Goblin Hordes with the drow. He pledged their service to the drow if the drow would help him get revenge on the Orc tribe that exiled him. The drow agreed to this on one condition, that he showed up to a meeting with a band of bugbears the Drow were trying to being into their alliance, as a show of muscle. This meeting was to cement the alliance, and transfer over an individual the Drow had posted a substantial bounty on.

During this meeting, a band of adventurers, led by a half-orc eliminated the goblin guards outside and burst into the building. During the ensuing fight, Karguk, and his mount, a very large worg, were defeated by the half-orc and his companions. During the fight, Karguk’s axe never seemed properly balanced, as he had difficulty swinging it at the Half-orc.

The only survivors of this battle were, Bolgar (Karguk’s second in command); the Leader of the drow forces, and the Leader of the bugbear clan. The adventurer side the casualties were less, only a few were knocked out via the drow poison, but most were damaged heavily. The goblins did suffer a bit; there was a small rebellion amongst the goblins as to who would lead. After reappearing with the goblins with a new found power; Bolgar took control of the entire horde, with Malnak his second in command. Bolgar saw wisdom in helping the Drow, even with Karguk’s death the Drow seem anxious to continue their plans to attack the orcs that exiled Karguk. Bolgar went to renegotiat the terms of his service and alliance with the Drow, but during these proceedings the same group of adventurers seemed to have followed him to the building he was in, They attacked the conference again, Bolgar once again escaped, although this time the Drow cleric, Zaknafein Vrinn, Bolgar was talking to didn’t fare as well.

Bolgar set his plans in motion; he had convened with and entered into yet another alliance, this time with a tribe of displaced gnolls. He helped train them, recruited them a few friends in the form of river trolls and was assembling them for the trip to the Orc fortress since they were going to help siege it. During the assembly, an army of Dwarves, paranoid about a large gathering of gnolls so close to their city of Deep Shanatar, come and face off with the gnolls.

Bolgar, not really expecting this, attacks the army of dwarves. The battle starts favorably for the goblins as the unit of trolls smash through the dwarven ranks stopping only to kill off a dwarven hero. Just before the Dwarves can be decimated, a band of adventurers, the same band that interrupted the original meeting with Karguk, step forward and lead the dwarves to a temporary stalemate with the gnolls and goblin army.

During that night the dwarves sensing a need to decapitate the head from the snake sent the adventurer group in under the cloak of magic to attack the leaders of the gnoll army. During this stealth mission, the group snuck in and attacked the enemy commanders during a planning session. The attack succeeded beyond even the dwarves expectations, the gnoll sorcerer, and the bugbear leader were killed while even rumors that Bolgar fell during this battle. Although the body of Bolgar was never found.

The disappearance of Bolgar was the last straw and threw the goblins into civil war. He was the last great caster that the goblins had, leaving them without the magical aid they revered. Malnak has been able to re-establish order, mainly through intimidation and force of arms. He too has big ambitions of goblins, and feels that he can influence the future with his growing hordes.

Goblin History

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