City of Darkhold

Population: 60,000 Reaches 100,000 during winter and times of war

• Currently Darkhold is a democracy where a mayor is elected and rules for a term of 5 years. Since the current Mayor (Malaxator) has been in office for as long as he has without anyone running against him for re-election, the city has devolved into a pseudo-dictatorship. The “dark” races are tolerated within the city boundaries and are even allowed in to trade, the only exception to this are the Drow, who are not allowed anywhere near the city. It is unusual but not unheard of to see full blooded orcs, lizardmen and even the occasional kobold trading with the merchants of Darkhold.

• While the Mayor is the political power of Darkhold, the merchant guild runs the city through the day to day operations of its leaders. Malaxator has magically concealed himself as one of the three leaders of the merchant guild and through bribery, kickbacks and extortion; he has turned the merchant guild into a major power broker in Darkhold and the underdark.

• The Militia holds it’s loyalty to the City itself rather then the current leader of the city. This is the first generation of Militia which has embraced Bushido as a form or lifestyle and training. While adopting this code the Militia has shrunk in size, it has made up for its lack of numbers with increased training and devotion.

People of Interest
Malaxator: Mayor of Darkhold
Tanaka:Captain of the Guard
Leif: Owner/Operator of the Happy Cactus Bar
Omri: Leader of the Street Knives
Lothlorien Raven: One of the leaders of the Ghostwind Grenediers
Saruwatari: Leader of the Burnt Fist
Liggun Trolltooth: Dwarven Leader of the Merchant Guild
Solerin: Elvish leader of the Merchant Guild
Minas Blackford: Human leader of the Merchant Guild

Every Basic Item (from PHB) is available at normal price, Buyback rate is 50% of normal items and magic ones will fluctuate with power and rarity. The Merchant Guild has corrupted many of the high ranking politicians, although the mayor is actually the leader of the Merchant Guild and rules both with a combination of power and manipulative magic. The merchant guild relies on hired adventurers for the protection of caravans from between Darkhold and the outlying settlements.

Thieves Guilds:
There are two confirmed thieves’ guilds in Darkhold. The Street Knives and Burnt Fist divide up the city and are at a constant state of war with each other. These two guilds seem to be almost complete opposites in many of their own manners of operations and while the Street Knives are the larger guild, they have yet to be able to defeat the Burnt Fist. A third thieves’ guild does operate out of Darkhold although their members tend to remain out of the spot light. The Ghostwind Grenadiers have a fully functioning guild in Darkhold, although since they do not employ large numbers of members and they tend to pursue more worldly pursuits instead of mere misdemeanors.

The Townspeople:
The townspeople for the most part aren’t aware of the corruption of the ruling government, nor the near dictatorship that has evolved from their republic. A few have ideas of the power that the mayor wields, but has figured that it’s all for the best because he hasn’t seemed to use it for his own gain. They are acceptant of nearly all known races, although because of the recent attacks on the merchant’s caravans, they are a bit wary of goblins, kobolds and orcs, but will still tolerate them in the city. There is an election every 5 years for the office of Mayor, however for the last 4 elections no one has run against the current mayor. The few that tried to run were run out of the elections by “supporters” of the mayor using bribes, intimidation or outright force.

The Military:
Is commanded by an impressive looking human, the Captain of the Guard (Tanaka), is fiercely loyal to the city for which he has pledged his allegiance to. The military, which doubles as the police force, has around 3000 soldiers in the standing army. During wartime they can call on the reserves to triple the number of soldiers. The soldiers of the standing army have adopted and live by a code of Bushido, where loyalty in service of their Lord is most important. The command structure is a platoon system. 3 Squads (9 men, 1 leader per squad) and a command squad (4 men and a Command Sergeant) is a platoon. There are 5 Brigades in the standing army plus a special Elite force that is 2 companies strong that take care of the protection of the Mayor and the Captain of the guard, along with serving as shock troops in battle.

Ranks of the Militia:
Private: Basic Foot trooper
Corporal: Leads a squad (9 Troopers + Corporal)
Command Sergeant: Leads a Platoon (3 Squads + Command Squad)
Major: Leads Company (3-5 Platoons)
Colonel: Leads Brigade (3-5 Companies)
Captain of the Guard: Overall Army Commander


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