The Drow of Darkhold

Where we are at

As this adventure has been going on for as long as it has been, it would be folly for me to try and blog a single post of what has happened and where you all have been. Instead, I’ll skip to the not to distant past (at least from the character’s point of views).

It has been found out that the Drow had been planning the takeover or destruction of Darkhold for the last 55 years, since they had first been defeated while trying to destroy Darkhold. During the Great Orc War the Drow had manipulated the events and the personalities involved in order to supplant a shape changed Drow into the office of Mayor by creating him as a war hero. Since then, Krenor (the shape-changed Drow), has weakened Darkhold, reinforced the denizens of the underdark and has put the Drow into position to have success in destroying Darkhold once and for all.

The Scoobbie Group has stumbled across the plot and has exposed Krenor as the Drow that he is and while Krenor narrowly escaped, Darkhold remains vulnerable. The Scoobbie Group immediately went about trying to find ways to reach out to potential allies for the defense of Darkhold; Cinerous, Deep Shanatar and even Mobane’s Orc Horde have been successfully reached for pledges to help defend Darkhold. The mountain pass between Cinerous and Darkhold is in the process of being reopened by the Gnomes of Lomnar; hopefully it will be reopened in time. Druids are underway constructing teleporters between some of the oak trees which dot the area around Darkhold and Cinerous. The tuskers have been recruited as a personal favor to the Scoobbie Group, to act as scouts and advance warning.

It has become known that the Zarlox has been elevated to a powerful enough status to gain entry into the Suur Mang (the great game). He comes into the game with control of all the devils and with a cult of followers with an unknown base of operations. As one of the 5 most powerful beings within the world, he commands enough power to change the fate of the world.



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